Discovering peaceful meadow in northern mountainous province
thamnguyen99 5-11-2020, 10:06

Just 100km away from Hanoi capital, a vast meadow in Huu Lien commune of Huu Lung district, northern mountainous Lang Son province, has developed into a popular spot among travelers due to its pristine beauty.

Most people consider Dong Lam meadow in Huu Lien commune to be an ideal destination in which to go camping.
The meadow is a spacious site that is a suitable place to host various outdoor entertainment activities.
The area is perfect for both adults and children, with many choosing to enjoy flying kites together.
The meadow features enough land to allow horses to freely graze.
Visitors are able to rent a boat on a lake close to Dong Lam meadow so they can independently discover the natural beauty throughout Huu Lien commune.
A village containing stilt houses can be seen beyond the rice paddy field. In total, Huu Lien commune has a population of 3,000, mainly consisting of Kinh, Tay, Nung, Dao, and Mong ethnic groups.
Guests enjoy kayaking on Nong Dung lake.
Riding horses on Dong Lam meadow proves to be an unmissable experience for travelers to Huu Lien commune.
Tasting the area’s ripe fruit in September and October is a tasty activity.
There is plenty of mouth-watering local cuisine for visitors to try.
Huu Lien commune is also home to other sightseeing spots. It therefore takes some time to discover the pristine beauty and delicious traditional food that exists in this mountainous area.