The Katé des Cham festival
admin 31-10-2020, 22:53
> The Cham ethnic group in Ninh Thuan celebrates the Kata 2020 festival
> The Cham ethnic group in Binh Thuan celebrates the Kate festival.
> The Kate festival recognized as a national cultural heritage
> The Cham of Ninh Thuan will celebrate the Kate festival.
The Katé des Cham festival
Kate is the biggest Cham festival. Photo: Nguyen Thanh /VNA /CVN

It is at the village level that the Cham organize their Kate, on the first day of 7 e months of their calendar, after the summer-autumn rice harvest.
The district of Bau Truc, attached to the province of Ninh Thuan, this year hosted the festival in its Community Cultural Center, which has just been inaugurated.
The opportunity for Dang Thi Lang and 100 other Cham to present a dance assiduously repeated.
" We are so happy to own this wonderful community house and to see our village become more beautiful every day. We look forward to welcoming tourists and showing them our songs and dances ", She said.
Despite the COVID-19 epidemic and the drought, the Cham insisted on organizing their Kate in the best possible conditions.
The Kate des Cham festival in 2019. Photo: Nguyen Thanh /VNA /CVN

" Kate is our biggest celebration. Nothing in the world can prevent us from properly preparing our platter of offerings to the ancestors " said Thong Dat, one of them.
The platter in question consists of several types of treats made with sticky rice, sugar, eggs, oil and ginger.
In the provinces of Ninh Thuan and Binh Thuan, the Cham population has 130000 souls. Local authorities have taken steps to improve their living conditions. Thus in Ninh Thuan, 10 of the 12 towns populated by Cham now meet the standards of the new rurality. This rate is 75% in Binh Thuan, where 98% of children of age to do so go to school.