Na Hang - sight on mountains
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Na Hang - sight on mountains
The magical beauty of the Na Hang lake. (Photo:

Na Hang means “the last field of plants” in the Tay language. In Na Hang there are green rice fields between limestone mountains and untouched forests. A lake on the mountain is especially to be kept. The local nature is like a picture of history in the middle of the mountainous region.

Bio-Tourism Na Hang covers an area of ​​around 15000 hectares, 8000 of which are under water. It is located between the Na Hang and Lam Binh circles. The Na Hang - Lam Binh Reservoir is one of the largest reservoirs in North Vietnam. It is close to Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan Province. Plus Nguyen Viet from the city of Tuyen Quang.

" We often visit Na Hang on weekends or during the holidays. We want to discover and relax in Na Hang. Many of my friends from Hanoi, Hai Phong and Ho Chi Minh City are interested in Na Hang. You are very impressed by the nature and the people in Na Hang. ”

You shouldn't let the Na Hang lake by if you are already in Na Hang. Na Hang Lake is compared to “Ha Long Bay in the Country”. The two rivers Gam and Nang flow through into the lake. There is silence in and on the lake. Heaven and earth, mountains and water create a harmony in nature. The surface of the lake is like a mirror. Around the lakes there are 99 mountains and hills of various shapes that can also be seen in the lake. The visitors are impressed by the beauty of the local nature.

In recent years tourism has been booming on the lake in the Na Hang district with a waterway of around 70 km. Nature offers guests the beauty and harmony of water, forests and mountains. You will learn more about the history of the respective places and places such as the Khuoi Nhi and Khuoi Sung waterfalls, the Pac Ta and Pac Vang temples, the Phia Vai cave, the Coc Vai hill, the Nang Tien - Chu Khach mountain wall, the Song Long cave . The still untouched forests along both banks are seductive. A boat on the lake is the best way for tourists to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The Na Hang nature reserve has an area of ​​more than 21000 hectares and is located in four municipalities, Khau Tinh, Con Lon, Son Phu and Thanh Tuong. There are many different faunas in this area, which, like snub-nosed langurs, are threatened with extinction and are therefore listed in the Red Book of the World. Many old trees that are under special protection can also be seen in this protected area. Do Thu Hang is from Hanoi. She said.

"Interesting. The air is clean here. The water from Na Hang Lake is blue. We think we are in a bay on the coast. We see mountains in the distance that are covered by clouds. I want to stand in the stream and let the little fish eat the old skins. I think a lot of people like me are interested in this . “

Twelve different peoples live together in the nature reserve. Tourists can discover the everyday life of the ethnic minorities. The locals are hospitable and offer the guests the folk songs like Then and Luon der Tay, Sli der Nung or Soong Co of San Diu. The festivals of the ethnic groups in Na Hang such as Long Tong the Tay and the Nung, Cap Sac, To Hong and Ruoc Dau the Dao are an attraction for the tourists. Thuong Lam market is particularly recommended for guests, which is open on Thursdays and Sundays.

Tourists can eat with the locals, spend the night with them and, above all, help them with field work. Trieu Van Doi in the village of Na Tong in the North Vietnamese province of Tuyen Quang offers tourists as a host family. He said that his place is particularly known for the schnapps made from leaves.

" More than a year ago I renovated a stilt house and offer it to tourists. We hope that Na Hang will become even better known among tourists and that it will offer guests better services . “

The traffic infrastructure in Na Hang is much better today than it used to be. The locals want more tourists to come to them.

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