Attractions for tourists in Dong Nai
doyen1988 28-10-2020, 23:59
Tan Trieu grapefruits are plentiful all year round. (Photo:

The Bo Cap Vang ecotourism area is located in Phuoc Khanh Municipality. It can be reached from Ho Chi Minh City in an hour by car. Bo Cap Vang in German “Golden Scorpions” has beautiful landscapes. Nature is endless.

There is flower in the area called “Bo Cap Vang”. That is why this ecotourism area is given this name. The village of Tan Trieu specializes in the cultivation of grapefruit. It is about three km from the city of Bien Hoa. The village is a small island surrounded by the Dong Nai River. Almost all the families in the village grow grapefruits of various kinds, said local Lam Thi Giang.

“Tan Trieu grapefruits are well known. The “Buoi duong da xanh” grapefruit can be stored for a long time and tastes as sweet as sugar. It's juicier and tastes much better than when you pick it up from the tree. The peel of the grapefruit can be used for various purposes such as making compotes or for food. "

The people in Tan Trieu are hospitable and very nice. In recent years this area has become an attractive destination for tourists.

Long Khanh ecotourism is also known for its various types of fruit. In parallel to eco-tourism, agriculture has priority and at the same time has great potential. Eco-tourism, in conjunction with agriculture, farmers, and rural areas, is one of the four advantages of the region. The main purpose of the combination is to reduce the poverty rate in the region and to create jobs and improve the standard of living for farmers. The head of the Eco-Tourism Cooperative Binh Loc, Long Khanh, Huynh Vu Bao Giang said.

“In addition to traditional agriculture, we have eco-tourism with many services. We also have better incomes. "

The areas with eco-tourism are well visited and overcrowded on weekends. The offer of singing “Don Ca Tai Tu” is one of the best attractions for tourists.

Other attractions for tourists in Dong Nai are Nam Cat Tien National Park and Dao O Dong Truong Island. The provincial administration of Dong Nai wants to provide more information about the tourism potential, said the head of the tourism association of Dong Nai, Nguyen Minh Thuc.

“The strength of tourism in Dong Nai lies in ecotourism. For the development of eco-tourism, we should take measures to promote eco-tourism. The transport infrastructure in Dong Nai should be built uniformly and the places of eco-tourism should be well connected. The destinations should always be expanded to attract tourists. "

Dong Nai was a cradle of revolution during the wars. From this, the provincial administration wants to expand tourism with spirituality in the region.

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