Unique architectures to visit in An Giang
duonghanhnguyen 20-10-2020, 17:59

Cu Lao Gieng Church, built in 1778 is one of the oldest and largest in the Southwest. It is a harmonious combination of European architectural art and the typical southern architectural style. The highlight of the church is its 35m high bell tower with meticulously carved patterns. The peculiarity is that all the background tiles are still intact and the patterns still very clear. Photo: Zing.

Unique architectures to visit in An Giang

The Masjid Jamiul Azhar Mosque is one of the largest and oldest in An Giang. Built in 1959 and restored several times, it has become a religious symbol of Muslims in An Giang. Photo: Zing.

This place is beautifully designed with two main colors: white and turquoise. The highlight is the large and wide arches of Islamic architecture. The door frame is decorated with a border stylized according to the ancient architecture of Islam, which makes the whole mosque look like an artistic masterpiece. Photo: Zing.

Xa Ton Pagoda has another name, Xvayton. It is one of the typical architectural works of the Southern Khmer people. Xa To Pagoda has a unified layout and architecture. All the value of architectural art is concentrated in the main hall, built in a central position and with higher foundations than other constructions. Photo: Zing.

The Mubarak Mosque was built in 1750 and has been repaired several times. Its architectural style is that of the countries of the Middle East. Mubarak is designed as a large building, with long straight hallways, painted in blue and white. Photo: Zing.

Lau Pagoda, also known as Phuoc Lam Tu, is located in Xuan Phu Hamlet, Tinh Bien Township, Tinh Bien District. This place is nicknamed “Miniature Japan in the Heart of An Giang”. The pagoda attracts visitors not only with its pure space, but also with its unique architecture. Photo: Zing.