Fansipan Mount a paradise for cloud hunters
sonnguyen 18-10-2020, 02:24
Fansipan Mount a paradise for cloud hunters
Photo: Dan Tri

In October annually, Fansipan attracts a large number of tourists to hunt clouds. The white seas of clouds hover majestic mountain ranges creating the paradisiac beauty, Dan Tri reported.

Standing on Fansipan Mount will have the opportunity to take in the whole view of the imposing mountains hidden in the clouds. Photo: Dan Tri

October is the best time to hunt clouds on Fansipan. Photo: Dan Tri

Visitors will be blown away by the majestic and poetic natural scenery here. Photo: Dan Tri

In the early morning and late afternoon, the temperature on Fansipan is low; so, tourists should prepare warm clothes.

Any corner on Fansipan Mount can generate wonderful check-in photos. Photo: Dan Tri

There is nothing more perfect than taking a sip of coffee while admiring clouds. Photo: Dan Tri

The sunset is said to be the best time of the day to contemplate clouds as they are dyed in the gloriously yellow hues of sunshine. Photo: Dan Tri

Photo: Dan Tri

On these days, Sa Pa has conducted the second tourism stimulating campaign called “I love Sa Pa”. The campaign aims to lure more tourists to Sa Pa after serious impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the town’s tourism industry. A series of restaurants, eateries, tourist attractions and accommodations in Sa Pa have implemented attractive discount programs.

Photo: Dan Tri

Nguyen Xuan Chien, Director of Sun World Fansipan Legend said that the second tourism stimulating campaign “I love Sa Pa” is more thoroughly prepared than the previous one; hence, it has generated positive signs.