Pu Nhi Farm, the new destination of the Northwest
hanguyen0409 17-10-2020, 10:41

Pu Nhi Farm, the new destination of the Northwest
Pu Nhi Farm. Photo: VOV

Surrounded by sublime mountain ranges and lush greenery, Pu Nhi Farm looks like a green pearl in the middle of nature. Opened in 2019 the area covers approximately 2 hectares.

“This site is really ideal for spending a peaceful day away from the hectic atmosphere of the city. The air here is pure. I took quite a few pictures of the landscapes and the local ethnic minorities to remember those pleasant moments and also to share on social networks. Maybe I'll come back one day, ”says Trân Tiên Dat, a tourist from Thai Binh.

Once on the site, tourists can camp and participate in the activities of the locals and thus discover their culture and local gastronomy.

“Our site has a lot of advantages. There is the purity of the air and the tranquility of the surroundings. Vacationers can really relax in the great outdoors, ”says Pham Quang Hung, owner of Pu Nhi Farm.

Located 700m above sea level, Pu Nhi Farm offers a superb panoramic view of the immense green spaces. Since the start of the year, the site has welcomed 18000 vacationers.

“Our district has worked to promote the development of local tourism. This site makes it possible to make our locality known to Vietnamese and foreign tourists and to create jobs for the inhabitants. We would like to become one of the flagship destinations of the province and the national tourist area of ​​Môc Châu, "said Pham Thanh Binh, head of the Culture and Information Service of the Bac Yên district.

From Pu Nhi Farm, the tourist can explore iconic sites such as Tà Xùa Cloud Paradise, Khe Hô Stone Field, A Phu Cave and Hua Nhàn Lotus Lake.