Agoda: Vietnamese travelers change their habits after COVID-19 pandemic
sonnguyen 16-10-2020, 17:37

Agoda: Vietnamese travelers change their habits after COVID-19 pandemic
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Nhân Dan online - According to a recent survey released by online travel agency Agoda, Vietnamese travelers have changed their booking habits and preferences during the "new normal" period.

Vietnamese travelers have a greater awareness of cleaning and disinfection measures when choosing where to stay. Indeed, 24% of those questioned declared that "daily disinfection" is a determining factor for them in choosing a place of accommodation.

17% believe that "sustainability" is important because they prefer to stay in hotels that respect the environment. This shows that Vietnamese travelers pay attention to environmental issues, including waste reduction and the use of natural resources, before deciding to book.

According to Omri Morgenstern, executive director of Agoda, the Vietnamese want to resume their travels in the hope that epidemic control measures are strictly enforced. 14% of respondents appreciate when face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are offered.

According to experts, the COVID-19 pandemic is seen as a surprise catalyst forcing the tourism sector to renew itself and integrate new technologies. Digital consumption is on the rise as more and more people shop and shop online. They want to use contactless technologies and this will become a prerequisite for safe travel.


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