Pu Nhi farm, a pristine tourism destination in Son La province
VietReader 16-10-2020, 17:03

Pu Nhi farm, a pristine tourism destination in Son La province

Pu Nhi Farm attracts tourists for its primitive beauty. (Photo: VOV)

Located 4 km from the center of Bac Yen district, the new tourist site of Pu Nhi farm is often compared to the resort city of Da Lat. Stone terraces and green meadows surrounded by mountains and white clouds create a cool dreamlike space.

Tran Tien Dat, a visitor from Thai Binh province, said, “I find this atmosphere refreshing, peaceful, and comfortable. I’ve taken lots of pictures of the landscape and local people to post on Facebook. I think I’ll visit this place again.”

Visitors to Pu Nhi Farm can participate in cultural activities with the locals. (Photo: VOV)

Opened just last year, the 2-hectare Pu Nhi tourist area offers camping, local ethnic minority dishes cooked over a fire, and ethnic cultural activities that allow you to get to know the natives.

Pham Quang Hung, who owns Pu Nhi farm, said, “Pu Nhi farm is different from other tourism sites. Its atmosphere is more peaceful because its far from busy urban areas.”

Standing on Pu Nhi Hill, 700 meters above sea level, you’ll have a panoramic view of lush greenery and flowers. Like Da Lat, Pu Nhi has lots of homestays, grassy meadows, and flower farms.

(Photo: VOV)

Pham Thanh Binh, head of Bac Yen district’s Culture and Information section, says Pu Nhi farm has received nearly 18000 visitors since the beginning of the year.

“The district administration is working to attract investors to local tourism development. Action plans are being designed to help Bac Yen become one of Son La’s primary tourism destinations and a satellite destination in the Moc Chau National Tourism Zone,” Binh said.

Visitors to Pu Nhi farm can sample the region’s unique cuisine—grilled chicken, grilled fish, bamboo-tube rice, and fermented buffalo skin salad—and enjoy Shan Tuyet tea, the specialty of Ta Xua commune, and the hospitality of the local Mong and Thai people.