Yên Bai: Van Chân strives to develop a smoke-free industry
admin 16-10-2020, 12:10
Yên Bai: Van Chân strives to develop a smoke-free industry
Rice terraces of Tú Lê, province of Yên Bai (North). Photo: Minh Diên /CVN

Sa Van Huong, a local man, has years of experience running a hospitality business in the residential area of ​​Suôi Khoang in Son Thinh town. Last year it expanded its facilities with a system of thermal baths and new herbal hot bath services from the Black Thai ethnic minority.
It now also offers tours for travelers to explore the daily life of ethnic minorities and their unique culture. His facility can serve around 120 to 150 guests per day.
Located on the bank of the magnificent Nhi stream, the residential district of Suôi Khoang is home to more than 150 households, of which around 80% are black Thai.
Making "côm" (young sticky rice) in Tu Lê, Van Chân district.
Photo: VNA /CVN

Blessed with natural hot springs and breathtaking scenery, the area has what it takes to develop community tourism and experiment. So far, six establishments offer community tours.
Many localities in Van Chân have endeavored to exploit their full potential by developing tourism alongside agriculture, forestry and new-style rural construction. For example, the commune of Suôi Giang is developing integrated agricultural tourism, Tu Lê green tourism and Son Thinh tourism linked to the preservation of ancient black Thai villages.
Thanks to these efforts, Van Chân is now renowned for its high-end tea space Le Champ Tu Lê Resort and the Suôi Giang tea space as well as nearly 30 homestay facilities.
In the first nine months of this year, Van Chân welcomed more than 70000 tourists and earned more than 21 billion VND from tourism revenues.