Hanoi: the suburban district of My Duc develops green tourism
admin 14-10-2020, 21:53
Hanoi: the suburban district of My Duc develops green tourism
In the suburbs of Hanoi, when walking along the Yên stream, tourists can admire the lily pads in a serene and heavenly setting.

Located about 50 km southwest of downtown Hanoi, My Duc is a semi-mountainous district, with a limestone mountain range intersected by rivers and lakes, creating many attractive landscapes.
This place not only has the Yên stream as '' a strip of silk '' through the mountains of Huong Son, but also the lakes of Quan Son and Tuy Lai which are considered the '' Ha Long bay on land ''.
Quan Son Lake, with an area of ​​approximately 850 ha, is surrounded by about twenty limestone mountains. It has many potentials for developing ecotourism.
Near Quan Son, Lake Tuy Lai, with an area of ​​2650 ha, is surrounded by limestone mountains, caves and valleys forming a charming mountainous region. It has 10 historical and cultural sites, including common houses, temples and pagodas.
In recent years, An Phu commune has been known as " photographers paradise." With its lotus fields spanning nearly 200 hectares. During the flowering season, visitors from Hanoi and neighboring provinces flock to An Phu to immortalize beautiful moments alongside this symbolic flower. Thanks to the development of tourism, the lotus marshes of the town have helped many people to improve their daily lives.
Nguyên Huu Vong, head of a family cultivating lotuses, said: “ In recent years my family has switched from rice cultivation to lotus cultivation for tourism. A good choice because our income has improved significantly ' '.
The lotus flowers have helped An Phu residents change their lives and contributed to the development of green tourism in the district.
In recent years, tourism to My Duc has attracted 1.3 to 1.4 million visitors per year; increasingly asserting its position as a key economic sector.
Hoàng Manh Tân, head of the District Chamber of Culture and Information, informed: "Each year, tourism supports more than 5000 people, mainly local inhabitants ".
In addition to tourist products such as the An Phu lotus lagoon, the water lilies of the Perfume pagoda, the Tê Tiêu puppet , many households and businesses in My Duc have embarked on the construction of collective brands of products. agricultural and craft industries.
Text and photo: Vân Thanh - Minh Son /CVN