Discover Con Chim islet in Tra Vinh
VietReader 10-10-2020, 20:42

To reach Con Chim, a small island on Co Chien River, tourists need to board a ferry at Ba Tram ferry dock, also known as Phuong Vinh – Long Hung ferry dock, with motorbikes parked at a local’s house.
The Tra Vinh tourism department launched the Con Chim community-based tourism site in Chau Thanh District in September last year. Families, organizations and individuals have received help from the province, including financial aid, to develop tourism here.

Situated 15 km from Tra Vinh provincial capital via National Road 53 downstream, Con Chim (Bird Islet) covers 62 hectares, with a length of three kilometres and top width of 500 m. The islet is currently inhabited by 54 families with 214 members.

From March to September each year, the islet’s surrounding water experiences natural salinization, which makes rice harvesting impossible. To create a living, locals would cultivate shrimp and crabs in brackish water. In the remaining six months, with freshwater returning, locals cultivate rice and catch fish and shrimp.

Passing through the village entrance, tourists can borrow bicycles to travel around the islet.

Con Chim has managed to preserve the bucolic integrity of the Mekong Delta countryside, with distinguishing features like small lodges roofed by coconut canopies, or big brownish water jars in front of each house.

The islet also boasts varied snacks and food to please tourists. Each household would serve a different dish, in compliance with official arrangement, to diversify the tourist experience.
One very interesting snack here is the handmade sweet soup with tiliacora jelly at Miss Van’s Kitchen, served along with fragrant coconut candy ( mut dua ) and butterfly pea flower tea.

Tourists can enjoy a full authentic meal from the traditional cooking crafts of Mekong Delta locals. After the meal, they can enjoy a sweet ride around the islet, with many special desserts like coconut cakes with apricot leaves or pineapple-leaf juice.

After lunch, tourists can enjoy a wide range of traditional Vietnamese games, with detailed guidance from local hosts.

Activities here range from traditional games to local aquaculture activities.

In discovering Con Chim, tourists would come across a wall, featuring the islet’s travel slogan, saying “Come to Con Chim, to a wholehearted local welcome”, which sums up the heart-warming experience many tourists have here.