Photos taken in Vietnam for the Drone Photo Awards
hanguyen0409 30-09-2020, 04:49

Photos taken in Vietnam for the Drone Photo Awards

At this Drone Photo Awards 2020 photo competition, many works captivated the public and the jury. Authors from Vietnam submitted many beautiful images in several categories, for example “Harvesting lily pads” (left) by Tuan Nguyen Tan and “The shape of the fishing net” by Khanh Phan.

“The lily pad flower harvest season” by photographer Pham Huy Trung was among the favorites in the “People” category. The arrangement of the flowers forming an S-shaped band makes the photo even more impressive. This photographer also presented another work on the theme of the harvest season.

Khanh Phan's “Beach Fish Market” also received the attention of the jury. The work shows the hectic life of fishermen. The attractive colors of the vendors create an interesting contrast with the waters.

The winner in the “Male” category is Alessandra Meniconzi with “Ice Land”. The photographer said he was inspired by the harsh cold of the Eurasian steppe. “It can be as cold as minus 30 ° C in winter. However, life does not end. The people go from village to village by sledge, passing rivers and frozen lakes ”, shared Meniconzi.

The theme “Life in the Covid-19 epidemic” has also attracted many authors. The winner is Tomer Appelbaun with “Black Flag”, who captures a protest in Israel on April 19.

“Wedding dress” is the interesting subject of this year's competition. Mohamed Azmeel, award-winning photographer in this category, used flowers and leaves at a wedding to create an exceptional work of art.

The second place in this category went to Krzysztof Krawczyk with “Lovers on the meadow”. Under the photographer's lens, the meadow where the couple takes wedding photos is as beautiful as water with the waves.

With the theme “Abstract”, photographer Pham Huy Trung presented a very popular work - “Fishing net”. “Fishing nets through drone lenses are beautiful like a flower in the sea,” he said.

The winner of the “Nature” theme is Joseph Cheires with the photo of a gray whale. “I heard of a gray whale playing with boats. I came here and was amazed when she appeared. And here is the result, ”he said.

“The Heart of Nature” won the highest prize in the competition. Author Jim Picot captured a shark among a school of salmon. This rare sight puts a heart on the sea in the middle of winter.

The Drone Photo Awards are a prestigious award in the category of drone photography. It is a separate branch of the Siena International Photo Awards, a prestigious award that appeared in 2015. The organizers want to separate it to differentiate it from traditional photography.

CPV /Photo: Zing