CNN Dalat produces some of the best cheese in Asia
admin 4-06-2020, 23:54
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Don Duong cheese factory - established in 2011 by popular Vietnam-based Italian/Japanese restaurant chain Pizza 4P's – is, according to CNN, where a large chunk of Vietnam's cheese is made and sold to hotels, restaurants and dairy shops around the region.

The cheese factory initially started out using less than 50 liters of milk per day. Today, 30 workers use 5,000 liters a day to make 13 different kinds of cheeses, from ricotta to bocconcini. All of their cheese is 100% natural, with no additives.

Milk supply comes from various farmers and producers like the Dalat Milk Farm. But, in an effort to improve their milk quality and consistency even further, Pizza 4P's is now looking to build its own dairy farm.

(Photo: CNN)
(Photo: CNN)

According to the US news agencies, one of the most notable menu items of Don Duong cheese factory – is the creamy burrata and mozzarella, liberally sprinkled on all of their pizzas and generously cut open to reveal a creamy center.

Each day, the farmhand makes a staggering 1,500 to 2,000 pieces of burrata and 2,000 to 3,000 balls of mozzarella, CNN reported. Though they have a strong French influence, the cheese is developed in the Vietnamese way.

Besides, camembert is another choice for cheese lovers. According to Keinosuke Konuki, manager of Pizza 4P's cheese factory in Dalat, the camembert cheese was developed in collaboration with a craftsman who was trained in France.

(Photo: CNN)
(Photo: CNN)
(Photo: CNN)

“The Laughing Cow, a global cheese brand, is commonly used in banh mi around the country, as well as street-style rice paper pizzas, said to have been created in Dalat”, CNN wrote.

"There is not much history of cheese-making in Dalat until recently," says Franklin. "It seems as if the French were content with importing the cheese from their home country, and the Vietnamese did not have a great affinity for cheese with the exception of 'The Laughing Cow' cheese."

Franklin, well-known for his elevated street food fusion, is reported by CNN to make his own version of The Laughing Cow cheese by using mozzarella and scamorza cheese from the Don Duong cheese factory and plenty of fresh herbs from the region.

Franklin’s "Dalat Tasting Menu" in his restaurant will include Dalat cheese, artichokes, and strawberries "cultivated during the French colonial era”.

The world prestigious news outlet also suggests visitors to head to Dalat and “try the country's freshest local cheeses paired with some local wine and ripe strawberries, or visit one of Pizza 4P's' restaurants in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang and Nha Trang” when Vietnam reopens international travel.