The pho gà, the chicken noodle soup
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The pho gà, the chicken noodle soup

Pho, this noodle soup with beef or chicken meat, is an original and very popular dish in Vietnam. The main ingredients are rice vermicelli, broth stewed from beef or chicken bone and meat. The whole thing is accompanied by a little pepper, lemon, chopped onion and mint.

The sweet flavor of the broth comes from the long cooking of the bones that lasts for hours. Its clarity and fragrance created by thao qua (amomumtsao-ko) and que chi (cinnamon), the slight spiciness of ginger, the slices placed delicately on the rice noodles carefully prepared and soaked beforehand in the broth, the leaves mauves de la mint… A ritual elevated to the rank of art among the best restaurateurs and a very precious legacy from our ancestors, where finesse and harmony are the key words.

While beef pho reveals an impressive taste to the taste buds with its very thin slices of fatty and fragrant meat, chicken pho surprises diners with its light flavor. Here is the recipe:


- 400 g of rice noodles or banh pho
- 1 yellow chicken
- 1 kg of pork bones
- 1 large piece of minced ginger
- 3 large onions cut in half lengthwise
- 1 large onion, sliced ​​
- 4 star anise
- 1 cinnamon stick
- Freshly ground pepper
- Coarse salt
- Nuoc mam (fish brine)

* Support

- Chives
- Coriander
- Garlic and chili, chopped
- Lime.


- Wash the chicken and the pork bones. Sprinkle the chicken with salt (a spoon) and a few slices of ginger. Leave aside for 20 minutes.

- In a large saucepan, boil the bones for 10 minutes. Discard the water from the first cooking and clean the bones again.

- Place the bones and the chicken in the pot and fill it with cold water. Cook over high heat until the water boils, reduce the heat and cook for 15 minutes.

- Use a pan to brown the halved onions, ginger, cinnamon, star anise.

- Once the chicken is well cooked, remove it from the broth. Let cool. Continue to boil the soup over low heat for three or four hours. Then add the onions, star anise, ginger, cinnamon.

- Chop the chives, coriander.

- Bone the chicken. Then slice the flesh with a knife.

- Divide the rice noodles in a bowl, add pieces of chicken, chives, cilantro, chopped onion. Then pour a few ladles of hot broth. Add a teaspoon of nuoc mam to enhance the flavor of the soup.

- Serve hot with minced garlic and chilli.
Treat yourself well!
Directed by Thu Ha /CVN