Solo travel, a promising market for tourism
VietReader 20-09-2020, 08:32
Solo travel, a promising market for tourism
Traveling solo is becoming the new trend for young people.
Photo: Truong Tran /CVN

For some people, travel alone can be scary. For others, it has many advantages in their thirst to explore the world. According to tourist companies, single travelers want to understand the customs and traditions of the country and Vietnam remains a must-see destination. Discover the beauty of the rice terraces, the picturesque caves of Phong Nha - Ke Bang, stroll through the peaceful streets in Hoi An (Center) or enjoy a coffee on the sidewalk in Ho Chi Minh City… So many attractive experiences for memorable memories.
According to the World Tourism Organization, Vietnam ranked in 2019 in 7 e place in the list of the 20 countries with the strongest tourism growth. In 2019 the country welcomed 18 million foreign visitors, an increase of 16.2% year-on-year. Tour operators note that Vietnamese tourism has great potential, including solo travel. It is becoming one of the promising segments that could bring in a significant source of income.
In 2017 the American Airbnb, a community paid platform for renting and reserving housing for individuals, rated Vietnam, and especially Ho Chi Minh City, as one of the ideal destinations for single travelers. In 2018 the great megalopolis of the South appeared in the Top 10 destinations in Asia preferred by solo tourists.
The clients who practice this type of tourism are generally young people, often of the 1998-2000 generation. They like to move around more and prefer to book a studio or apartment with a private kitchen.
Better seize opportunities
To effectively develop solo tourism, it is necessary to guarantee the quality of services. Alongside the standardization of these, travel agencies must create tourism products that meet the requirements of this new generation of customers.
Some wish to experience Aboriginal culture while others prefer to take the time to relax. Faced with this diversity, all the complexity of tour operators lies in being able to meet all of the demand without neglecting the quality of service. My Anh /CVN