The K9 historic site revives the memory of President Ho Chi Minh
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The K9 historic site revives the memory of President Ho Chi Minh
The entrance to the historic K9 site in Ba Vi on the outskirts of Hanoi.

In May 1957 President Ho Chi Minh attended a military training session on Da Chong Hill, by the Da River (the Black River in French). He stopped at the top of the hill for lunch, where three sharp rocks point skyward. Happy with the cool climate, pleasant terrain and beautiful surrounding landscapes, the president suggested establishing the provisional base of government there.
Two years later, as the American air attacks on North Vietnam were imminent, the military base called "Construction Site No. 5" was formed in Da Chong and in March 1960 the two-story stilt house called " K9 "becomes the place of important meetings.
" President Ho Chi Minh chose the direction of the house, erected its pillars and modified the design himself. He replaced the hinged doors with sliding doors to make the meeting room more airy. The hallway. has been enlarged to match the width of the house and stairs and make it easier to welcome guests. The hallway has been designed so that the host and his guest can walk side by side, while talking ", explains Luu. Thi Thuy Nga, a tourist guide for the site.
From 1969 to 1975 the body of President Ho Chi Minh was kept at K9.

The K9 site served as a workplace for President Ho Chi Minh, the Politburo and the Party Central Committee on numerous occasions between 1960 and 1969. President Ho Chi Minh hosted the wife of Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai and a military delegation from the Soviet Union led by the hero cosmonaut Gherman Titov.
When President Ho Chi Minh died on September 21969 his remains were kept for several years at K9. The necessary equipment to preserve the body was installed by the government, under the supervision of a joint Soviet Union-Vietnam scientific committee.
Annual memorial services in honor of President Ho Chi Minh were held at K9 from 1969 to 1975. And in July 1975 a convoy transported Uncle Ho's body from K9 to his mausoleum on Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi.
Three sharp rocks tend towards the sky on the hill of Da Chong.

W study by the example of Uncle Ho
In 1995 an altar in memory of President Ho Chi Minh was erected at K9.
A memorial house was inaugurated there on September 22015 to showcase the moral example and ideology of the great leader of our people, which are considered vital elements in Vietnam's nation-building and defense. The house receives large crowds, who come to pay homage to the President and to witness the political events taking place there.
On the altar placed in the center of the memorial house is the bronze statue of the President and behind it the national flag is erected. You can read a quote from his teaching. The sayings say that the spirit and wisdom of the Vietnamese, which President Ho vividly embodied, shines in the sky.
Nguyen Thanh Ngan, a student from Hanoi, says she is very grateful to President Ho Chi Minh for his immense sacrifice in the service of Vietnam. The young man says he is inspired by the example of our president who inspires him to study and work more and thus contribute to the development of the country.
The historic K9 site is preserved and has undergone several improvements over the past six decades. It welcomes a constantly increasing number of visitors. The ever-lively tributes to President Ho Chi Minh on the K9 website illustrate the morality dictated by the Vietnamese nation: " When you drink water, you have to think about its source ".
Text and photos: ThuyHa - DL /CVN