Unique centenarian communal house embraced by Bodhi tree roots in Vietnam s Mekong Delta
daitranvan 17-09-2020, 00:18
Photo: Trinhhoaitri/ via Zing News.

Tan Dong, over 100 years old, is known as one of the most unique communal houses in Vietnam since it is located inside the Bodhi trees amidst the immense fields and lush green grasslands in Go Cong Dong district, Zing News reported.

Photo: Kyuubei.nguyen/ via Zing News.

Time goes by, the temple is still firm thanks to the assistance of two Bodhi trees growing on its roof. Tree roots tightly cling to the temple and deeply plunge into the ground. The locals consider Tan Dong communal house as a treasure and a sacred place.

The communal house used to be left deserted for a long time. Photo: Nguyen.duy_95/ via Zing News.
Photo: Nguyen.duy_95/ via Zing News.
Photo: M24pg12/ via Zing News.

Tan Dong Communal House owns antique beauty and one-of-a-kind architecture.

Photo: Kyuubei.nguyen/ via Zing News.

One of its arched gates is carved with the number of 1907; nevertheless, no one knows exactly whether it is the construction year of the communal house or not. It is believed to be built under the reign of Minh Mang Emperor.

Photo: Kyuubei.nguyen/ via Zing News.

With an ancient architecture with the five arched gates in the facade covered by bunches of Bodhi tree roots, Tan Dong Communal House has attracted many young people to take photos.

Photo: Mrgreendatto/ via Zing News.

After several times of renovation and repair, the communal house has a different appearance. Its walls are solidly reinforced and its doors are altered to wooden ones.