Quy Nhon cafe charms patrons with variety, design
VietReader 10-09-2020, 13:10
Quy Nhon cafe charms patrons with variety, design

Situated on a small corner of Nguyen Hue Street in Quy Nhon in south-central Vietnam, this coffee house lies beside a tamarind canopy. Despite its humble facade, the interior welcomes guests with a fragrant coffee grinding smell, soothing music, and distinguished design.

The coffee shop was renovated from a small stone-design house of the pre-1975 period. Added to the old structure are stonewashed walls, a polished cement floor, room-separating glass screens and wood interiors.
Archdaily, one of the world’s leading architecture sites, wrote on its website: “An idea of a calm and serene place, located on an old street with a long city history, highlighted by the typical townhouse architecture style prior to 1975 which included a ground floor and signature pebble washout on the facade.”

Despite the narrow area, the coffee house feels spacious due to clear blocks of light and dark shades, along with a combination of natural and artificial light.

The cafe has two floors with differently organized seatings, which provides a refreshing change of scenery to every visit.

In the morning, guests can enjoy the second floor balcony with a view of Nguyen Hue Street, amid the coastal breeze and early sunrays, beside a tamarind canopy.

At noon, guests can take shelter in the cooling wood-covered room, situated between the front’s bar and the rear sky well.

The bar is dedicated to coffee-enthusiasts who love to interact with their baristas, to witness hand-brewing and converse with fellow coffee lovers.

To the back of the coffee house lies a sky-well garden, providing tons of natural light. Next to the garden stands a coffee roaster.

Coffee at Adiuvat are self-roasted and self-ground. You can enjoy a wide range of coffee options, from Italian espresso-based coffee and hand-brew pour-over to Vietnamese traditional

Due to both the variety and quality of its coffee and its architecture, Adiuvat is popular among locals and tourists.

Photos by Quang Tran