Pizza 4P’s fuses Japanese, Italian flair
VietReader 8-09-2020, 15:13

Pizza 4P’s fuses Japanese, Italian flair

Pizza 4P’s was founded by Japanese Yosuke Masuko in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011. Thus, it is unsurprising to find dishes like teriyaki chicken or salmon sashimi pizzas on its menu.

The brand, short for “Platform of Personal Pizza for Peace”, reflects the owner’s positive philosophy when it comes to thrilling diners.

Some special homemade cheeses include famous Italian types like burrata, mozzarella, camembert, raclette, scamorza, ricotta and mascarpone.

Burrata, a combination of fresh mozzarella and cream, is one of the most favored items on the menu because of its rich, buttery texture.

All pizzas here are thin crusted reminiscent of Italy, with brick ovens affording each a delectably burnt aroma.

At Pizza 4P’s, you can also order a “half and half pizza” (one with two different toppings).

Pizza 4P’s operates its own cheese production facility in Don Duong Town, about an hour’s drive from resort town Da Lat in the Central Highlands.

Half 4 Cheese Half Burrata Parma Ham. Photo by Nguyen Thai Ha.

Jason Nguyen, a 35-year-old customer from the U.S, said the food was just about “the best pizza I’ve had in a foreign country.”

With locations in four major cities across Vietnam, each restaurant boasts a warm, elegant atmosphere thanks to a minimalist and industrial approach to design, with exposed brick walls gently lit and a subtle fragrance permeating every corner.

One of the most prominent features is a bar-cum-prepping station where foodies can watch their pizzas being handcrafted.

The bar-cum-prepping station. Photo by Mymy Nguyen.

The restaurant chain is additionally known for its professional service and friendly staff.

Nguyen Thai Ha, a 26-year-old Hanoian, said Pizza 4P’s offers “an outstanding dining experience at an affordable price.”

“My most favorite is their freshly home-made burrata cheese. I cannot leave before having my burrata salad or 4 cheese pizza. I am glad they finally do delivery,” Ha said.

If you’ve never been to Pizza 4P’s, here are some suggestions:

Appetizer: If you are a cheese lover, you should try the assorted house-made cheese, a platter of five house-made cheeses, served with grilled pizza crusts; or cheese fondue with dry bread and vegetables.

For salads, you could order Bagna Cauda (chilled Da Lat vegetables served with anchovy sauce) or a Green Salad with honey mustard sauce, very fresh and tasty.

Assorted House-made Cheese & Shrimp Avocado Beans Salad. Photo by Nguyen Thai Ha.

Pizza: Order a “half and half pizza” so you can try two types at once. You can order a signature fresh burrata cheese pizza, or go more Japanese with a salmon sashimi or teriyaki chicken pizza.

Some like the four cheese pizza most. It has 3-4-5 cheese options, though four is the most popular choice, including mozzarella, gorgonzola, camembert, and parmesan, served with a honey pot.

If you are vegan, a zucchini basil sauce or mushroom pizza are great options.

Pasta: Crab tomato cream spaghetti with ricotta is the most signature pasta at Pizza 4P’s.

Dessert: Pizza 4P’s has a wide variety of desserts made with home-made cheese or premium Maison Marou chocolate, including unique dessert pizzas.

Opening hours: 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.

Price: VND250,000 – 500,000 ($11-22)/person

Locations: 10 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, 7 restaurants in Hanoi, 2 restaurants in Da Nang, 1 restaurant in Nha Trang