Bat Xat in golden season
VietReader 3-09-2020, 20:58

Bat Xat in golden season

Covering 233.1ha, Pe Tha terraced fields in Y Ty and Ngai Thau communes are considered ‚Äuthe great creation‚Äu of the H'mong and Ha Nhi ethnic minorities. They are recognized as a national relic by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

These terraced fields look like steps to the blue sky, creating an enchanting landscape picture. In Bat Xat district, there are over 3000 ha of terraced fields.

Rice in nany rice fields is fully ripe. There, at night, the temperature is low and dew is everywhere on plants. However, at 6 a.m., golden rays of sunlight cover the terraced fields.

Ripe rice fields along provincial highway 158 from Lao Cai to Bat Xat, A Mu Sung, A Lu and Y Ty.

Terraced fields are typical in Bat Xat and associated with the history of local ethnic minorities. They are the results of their working process and prove the creativity of the locals when bringing wet rice crops to high hills.

Some of Bat Xat district's communes with flat hilly terrains often have two rice crops a year. However, located on steep mountainous terrains, communes such as Y Ty, A Lu, A Mu Sung, and Trinh Tuong have only one rice crop and one agricultural crop each year.

Terraced fields in Lao Chai village, Phin Ho commune in the shadow of a mountain.

Half-harvested terraced fields of local H'mong people in Khu Chu Lin village

Local people in Khu Cu Lin village, A Lu commune, which borders China, take advantage of local land for cultivation.

These terraced fields were formed a long time ago. Locals often erect temporary houses to store rice, shelter from rain, and take lunch breaks.

These terraced fields, 7km from the center of Y Ty, are in their most beautiful time. Last year, Y Ty welcomed over 16000 tourists, earning over VND 6 billion in revenue, contributing to local poverty reduction and increasing local people's living standards.

Source: Vnexpress

Translated by Mai Huong