Go to 48 Hàng Ngang where the Declaration of Independence was written
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Go to 48 Hàng Ngang where the Declaration of Independence was written
The old house at 48 Hang Ngang Street
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75 years ago, N o 48 Hang Ngang Street was one of the capital's most important silk shops. It belonged to the family of Trinh Van Bo and Hoang Thi Minh Ho. Located in Hanoi's busiest shopping district, this tube house opened onto two parallel streets, 48 ​​Hang Ngang Street at the front and 35 Hang Can Street at the back.
At the time, few people knew that this was the confidential meeting place of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam where President Ho Chi Minh worked on his return to Hanoi and where he made important decisions for the people. Vietnamese.
Historical heritage of the Revolution
The authentic documents and objects related to the life and work of the President have been kept in the house which was recognized as a cultural historic vestige by the Ministry of Culture on April 291979 for its cultural and historical value.
The 48 Hang Ngang house is recognized as a cultural historical vestige.

Through the vicissitudes of history, the architecture of 48 Hang Ngang has remained almost intact. Previously, on the ground floor was the silk shop that overlooked Hang Ngang Street, a courtyard, storage room and garage that overlooked Hang Can Street. The first floor served as a living and dining room. The second and third floors housed bedrooms and offices. Given its strategic location, the Party's Central Committee decided to house President Ho Chi Minh there between August 25 and September 21945.
After the Revolution of August 1945 Trinh Van Bo donated this house to the State, which turned it into a small museum. The ground floor has been transformed into an exhibition hall in honor of President Ho Chi Minh and other revolutionaries. The office on the first floor has been preserved intact. There is a large rectangular table in the middle, eight chairs and a large armchair. A typewriter sits on a small table.
The table where Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Independence.

On the second floor there are two historic rooms. One saw the formation of the first provisional government and the other is the birthplace of the Declaration of Independence. In another room of the house, the conference room, several important decisions of the Party and the State were made.
An incense offering room was set up on the second floor which hosted many Vietnamese and foreign dignitaries. " This house has special meaning for Vietnam. Here, I feel like I am traveling through time to witness the important events that took place here " said Nguyen Thanh Ngan, a student from Hanoi.
Over seven decades have passed, but the house at 48 Hang Ngang Street continues to remember one of the most glorious chapters in Vietnam's history and the birth of a text that inspired other revolutions. in the world. Text and photos: Thuy Ha /CVN