From vineyards to traditional crafts in Ninh Thuân
VietReader 30-08-2020, 13:28
From vineyards to traditional crafts in Ninh Thuân
A vineyard in Ninh Thuan, in the Center. Photo: VNA /CVN

Located between Cam Ranh Airport in neighboring Khanh Hoa Province and Saigon - Ninh Chu resort area, Vinh Hy Bay and Rai Cave in Ninh Thuan are well worth a visit.
Vinh Hy Bay is considered one of the most beautiful in Vietnam, with its crystal clear blue waters and lush mountains surrounding it. It is even possible to go scuba diving to observe the corals where colorful fish live. It is also possible to rent a boat and taste fish caught offshore. 6 km from Vinh Hy Bay, Rai Cave awaits lovers of underground beauty.
Immersion in unspoiled nature
Another small wonder of Ninh Thuan province is Mui Dinh hill, where it is hot 300 days a year. Still very isolated, this space has kept its wild aspect and remains an ideal destination for living in harmony with nature. Near here, motorcycle and car races are held from March to June each year.
The tourist area of ​​Tanyoli is also a nice surprise with its Son Hai beach. It is very well preserved since it is called "the hidden sea" because it suddenly appears at a bend in a path. This desert area of ​​Mui Dinh is also worth a visit, as is Quan Âm (Guan Yin) pond.
Discovery of Cham culture
Apart from the old heritage sanctuaries of the Cham in Ninh Thuan, you should not miss a visit to the village of My Nghiep and its brocade weavers and that of Bau Truc where pretty porcelain is made.
My Nghiep has existed for a thousand years and that of Bau Truc, nearly 800 years. These two craft villages are ranked among the oldest in Southeast Asia. They are located just one kilometer apart, on both sides of the National 1A, 10 km from downtown Phan Rang - Thap Cham heading south.
The artisans of Bau Truc only use their hands to shape their pottery. Photo: VNA /CVN

The artisans of Bau Truc only use their hands to shape their pottery. While visiting the porcelain exhibition center, visitors will be able to meet very experienced craftsmen. As for the craft of brocade weavers at My Nghiep, the visit is also worth a look. It is possible to buy beautiful souvenirs as wallets or bracelets.
The province is also famous for its vineyards. One of the winegrowers who contribute the most to the development of Ninh Thuan grapes is undoubtedly Ba Moi, owner of the vineyards of the same name in the hamlet of Hiep Hoa, municipality of Phuoc Thuan, district of Ninh Phuoc. This septuagenarian has been loyal to viticulture for over 40 years. Its 2.5 ha plantation produces red wines with a black grape of French origin, Cabernet Sauvignon.
To relax, you have to put your suitcases in the Saigon - Ninh Chu resort area, classified four stars and located in front of Ninh Chu beach. It is considered one of the most beautiful in Vietnam. The establishment, which has 114 well decorated and comfortable rooms, allows vacationers to enjoy the seascape, in great tranquility, to which are added nautical activities and tastings of fresh seafood. It also has modern conference rooms for festive or business events.
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