Conservation plan approved for prehistoric site of Con Moong Cave
admin 28-08-2020, 15:22
The Prime Minister has approved a plan to protect and promote the value of Con Moong Cave, an archaeological site in Thanh Hoa Province with relics from prehistoric humans.
Conservation plan approved for prehistoric site of Con Moong Cave

Inside Con Moong Cave

The conservation area covers about 977 hectares in Thach Thanh District’s Thanh Yen and Thanh Minh Communes.

Located in the buffer zone of the Cuc Phuong National Park, the 40-metre long cave was first discovered in 1975 and excavated the following year, exposing many layers of culture from the Palaeolithic age to the Neolithic age.

The most notable treasure of Con Moong is the discovery of a layer of earth with traces of continuous prehistoric human development from the hunting-gathering society to the agricultural society.

Con Moong and nearby caves offer evidence of a human community living in a wide valley who helped create the Da But Culture, whose first residents occupied the northern coastal plain to create a culture outside of caves.

The conservation plan will respect the originality in terms of cultural and historical values, recreate the site’s characteristic of caves surrounded by primeval forests and streams, protect the biodiversity of Cuc Phuong National Park and preserve existing archaeological pits.

Under the plan, additional excavation will be carried out before construction of conservation structures that can damage the areas with possible relics.