Covid-19 prevention and control in border areas
VietReader 26-08-2020, 19:12

Covid-19 prevention and control in border areas
According to the report of the Management Board of the Dong Dang Border Gate Economic Zone, in the first seven months of 2020 agencies at all levels and functional forces at the Huu Nghi international border gate in particular and other border gates in the province in general have regularly inspected and implemented drastic measures to prevent and control Covid-19.

NDO – Trade activities between Vietnam and China are peaking at the international border gates in the northern mountainous province of Lang Son; however, Covid-19 prevention and control measures are continuing to be implemented seriously and drastically.

In the waiting area for entry procedures, the reception of companies and enterprises has been implemented in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s regulations in Covid-19 prevention and control.

The remote body temperature measuring system applied to all passengers entering Huu Nghi international border gate.

Passengers making medical declarations via an application on their smartphones.

Before clearance, all citizens must comply with three strict quarantine steps including hand sanitizer, medical declarations and temperature measurement.

In addition to strict inspection measures during entry, Huu Nghi international border gate is enhancing solutions and initiatives to both prevent the spread of the epidemic and create favourable conditions for the import and export of goods.

Full-time drivers continue to be maintained at border gates, with 365 at Huu Nghi international border gate and 960 at Tan Thanh border gate.

These drivers are equipped with protective medical suits while driving the trucks to the other side of the border.

Field posts for the prevention and control of the epidemic have been set up at 12 border gates in Lang Son province.

The temperature of all those entering and exiting the gates are checked. The stations, office buildings and entire border area are disinfected and fully equipped with free masks and hand washing solution.

Photo credit: DUY LINH