Discovering the most beautiful sets of Cham towers
sonnguyen 26-08-2020, 11:07

Ponagar towers: Talking about the Cham towers in Vietnam, it is impossible not to mention those of Ponagar in Nha Trang. It is a special building, marking the period when Hinduism flourished. About 2 km from the city center, the Ponagar Towers are located on a small hill on the banks of the Cai River. With its unique shapes and architecture, they are visible from afar. Photo:

Discovering the most beautiful sets of Cham towers
Banh It Tours : Banh It Towers , also known as the Silver Tower, was built at the end of the 11th-early 12th centuries. They have a diverse design style, bearing the bold artistic influence of Cham Pa, but also reflecting the beauty of the martial arts land of Binh Dinh. It is a set of four towers, each with its own shape and architecture; each carved detail shows a certain mystery that attracts visitors. The main tower is 22m high, looks like a banh it (rice cake), that is why these towers are called Banh It. Photo:

Duong Long Towers: Duong Long is also a set of Cham towers located in Binh Dinh province. Although it has been heavily damaged, its unique architectural features are still clearly visible. This place is also recognized as the tallest set of brick towers in Southeast Asia. All the towers are decorated with engraved motifs in the style of Cham Pa. Photo:

Twin tower: Another set of Cham towers is also located in Binh Dinh, these are the Doi towers or Hung Thanh towers. Unlike other Cham towers, they consist of two towers side by side, one 20 meters and the other 18 meters. These two towers have no tops due to heavy damage during the war. Photo:

Poshanu towers: The Poshanu Towers are considered the oldest, with many features of the quintessential Cham Pa architectural quintessence. Built in the 9th century, they are located on Ba Nai hill in the Phu Hai district, about 7 km from the center. -City of Phan Thiet, in Binh Thuan province. These towers were considered a symbol of the Cham Pa kingdom at that time. So far, Poshanu still retains the Cham architecture quite intact. The Hoa Lai style is one of the classical architectural styles that most exudes the quintessence of Cham Pa. Photo:

Nhan towers: It is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Phu Yen. The architecture of the towers consists of three parts which, according to the conception of the Cham people, represent the mundane, the spiritual and the divine. Through fluctuation and time the towers have been damaged, but the patterns are still crisp, showing the skill and skill of the ancients. At night, these towers are illuminated by lights installed at the base, which makes them even more extraordinary. This is also the time when they attract the most visitors. Photo: halotravel

My Son Sanctuary: Another set of Cham towers that tourists shouldn't ignore is the My Son Sanctuary. It is not only a masterpiece of Cham Pa architecture but also of Southeast Asian culture. This shrine is made up of many towers, each with a main tower and many smaller sub-towers surrounding it. But the odd point is that most of the statues here have their heads cut off. There are many theories about this, the most important of which is that the ancient Cham, in deciding to leave this land, brought with them the heads of the statues to continue the cult. The many organized artistic activities provide visitors with lasting memories. Photo: khanhhoatravel

Po Klong Garai Towers: Located on Trau Hill in Do Vinh District, Phan Rang City, Po Klong Garai Tower still remains a destination for tourists visiting Ninh Thuan. The towers were built in the late 13th-early 14th centuries to worship Po Klong Garai, a king who has many merits in building an irrigation system for local agricultural development. The ingenious combination of Cham Pa and Khmer styles with domes, pyramids or ceramic and stone details makes this building different from other Cham towers. Photo: thienviettour./.