Vietnam s bánh tét lá cẩm picked by CNN Travel among world s top rice cake
hanguyen0409 25-08-2020, 04:16

In the latest episode of “Around the World,” Great Big Story introduced seven rice dishes in 7 countries from Mexico to Iran, including Vietnam, accompanied by seven local people. According to that, "banh tet la cẩm" - a Vietnamese southern traditional food was shown through the cooking steps of Mrs. Le Thi Hoa, (Can Tho).

There are two criteria for this introduction, the rice needs to be a part of a more complex dish and it is connected to a country's culinary identity.

Mrs Le Thi Hoa showed her banh tet. Photo: Great Big Story

Banh tet la cẩm is a violet cylindrical glutinous rice cake, which is usually used in Tet holiday. This is one of the most specialties in Can Tho as its unique taste and color. The main ingredients of the cake are sticky rice and violet tree leaves processed carefully using a special formula.

Rice is the principal food of Vietnamese dishes. However, a delicious banh tet la cẩm is made of Thai sticky rice, according to Mrs. Hoa. Besides the unique violet color, the rice cake contains pork, dried shrimp, salted duck eggs, and mung beans. The most difficult stage is to tie the cake with banana leaves, requiring the cook to hold closely tight.

Banh tet la cẩm rice cake. Photo: Great Big Story

This year, CNN also listed Vietnamese noodles soup among top Asia’s dishes, including Pho, Bun Rieu, and Cao Lau. Pho is considered as the national food and exported with pride all over the world.

Other rice dishes in the list are Horchata (Mexico), Tahchin (Iran), Thiebou diene (Senegal), Karelian Pastry (Finland), Tteokbokki (South Korea), and Maqlubeh (Palestine).

Horchata (Mexico). Photo: Great Big Story
Tahchin (Iran). Photo: Great Big Story
Karelian Pastry (Finland). Photo: Great Big Story
Tteokbokki (South Korea). Photo: Great Big Story