Breathtaking sight of moss rose flower road in the outskirts of Saigon
ChandraGarran04 23-08-2020, 08:04
Over a year, about 500 m of road along the field of the field in Hamlet 2, Quy Duc Commune (Binh Chanh District) has been filled with moss rose flowers. The road is less than a meter wide, but the two sides are covered with vibrant colors, especially near noon, when the flowers are in full bloom. This area is located more than 20km from the center of Ho Chi Minh City. (Photo: VN Express)
Every day, the owner of the path scoops water from the field to water the flowers. From 9 to 11 o'clock, the moss ross will spread their petals to welcome the sun. (Photo: VN Express)
As the creator of the flower path, Ms. Huynh Thi Thu Huong (46 years old) said that she just planted those because she loves flowers. She had no idea that those flowers would become unexpectedly beautiful when blooming. "Initially, I just planted a few bushes in front of the porch for fun and the flowers just spread out to the field. When realizing that, I planted more flowers on both sides of the road to create a dreamy scene", said Huong, while pulling grasses out of the flower bushes. (Photo: VN Express)
The moss rose here belongs to the flower variety of Thailand, which has large flowers of different colours in the same bush. (Photo: VN Express)
The moss roses road seen from above, winding between the wide green paddy field. (Photo: VN Express)
The carpet of flowers blooming close together, curving around the green fields creates an attractive picture of the countryside. (Photo: VN Express)
"The moss rose is very easy to grow, you just need to plug them in the ground and the plants will grow quickly, especially in areas with moist soil", said Huong. (Photo: VN Express)
The farmer was farming right next to the flower road. "From the moment this flower road came into existence, I feel more excited every day I go to the field to work. In the harvest season, the road was even more beautiful. I also asked for flower seeds to plant in my garden", Ms. Lan said. (Photo: VN Express)
The dog enjoys running and jumping among the flower beds beside the green field. (Photo: VN Express)
A new flower line has been planted by Ms. Huong for a month now, the tree grows fast, the flowers bloom. In the near future, when the flowers grow evenly, she said, she will sprinkle small rocks to make the road easy-to-go. (Photo: VN Express)
Not far away, the garden in front of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Sau's house (70 years old) is also full of moss roses. "I've been planting for a year now, flowers are blooming every day. The children in the neighborhood often come to pick flowers and take pictures," she said. (Photo: VN Express)
In the streets of the village, local people grow moss rose mixed with other flowers to create beautiful surroundings. (Photo: VN Express)