Visit the 5 famous Khmer pagodas in the Southwest
thamnguyen99 21-08-2020, 10:03

Xiem Can Pagoda - Bac Lieu

Visit the 5 famous Khmer pagodas in the Southwest
Xiem Can Pagoda - Bac Lieu. Photo: Deven.hwang

Located in the commune of Vinh Trach Dong, city of Bac Lieu, eponymous province, Xiem Can is one of the largest and most beautiful pagodas in the southwest. It is a unique architectural work of the local population.

Xiem Can pagoda - Bac Lieu Photo: Huyentuu, Kin_autt

Built in 1887 the pagoda is also considered not only a place for the practice of religious rites but also a cultural and educational center where ancient literary works of the Khmers are kept, and where children can learn the Khmer language, Pali and Dharma. .

Doi Pagoda - Soc Trang

Doi - Soc Trang Pagoda. Photo: Ngan bella, Lehatruc

The literally "bat pagoda" Doi Pagoda, located in the southern province of Soc Trang, is arguably one of the most beautiful Khmer Buddhist buildings in the Mekong Delta. It is also known as Wathseraytoch - Mahatup or Ma Toc. This Buddhist monument is considered to be the emblem of southern Khmer architecture. In addition to visiting the pagoda, visitors have the opportunity to admire valuable artifacts, including canonical books of the Buddha preserved in sugar palm leaves, an invaluable religious heritage of the Mekong Delta.

Vam Ray Pagoda - Tra Vinh

The Vam Ray - Tra Vinh pagoda. Photo: Pthienphuoc

Located in Tra Cu district, Tra Vinh province, Vam Ray Pagoda is famous for its golden gilding. Coming here, visitors are truly in awe of the magnificent architecture. In particular, the pagoda houses the largest reclining Buddha statue (54 meters in length) in Vietnam.

The Ta Pa Pagoda - An Giang

The Ta Pa - An Giang pagoda. Photo: Langthang.angiang

Ta Pa Pagoda is located on an eponymous mountain in Tri Ton district, An Giang province. Typical of Khmer pagoda architecture, the work is finely carved, notably with its two giant statues of the bird deity Keynor.

Chen Kieu Pagoda - Soc Trang

The Chen Kieu - Soc Trang pagoda. Photo: Lanphung, Thienphan. 2001

Also possessing impressive Khmer architecture, Chen Kieu Pagoda attracts visitors with its unique appearance. Here you will be impressed by its walls covered with cups of all kinds of patterns, delicately combined with thousands of pieces of ceramic in shimmering colors. Chen Kieu is distinguished by its three richly decorated roofs which symbolize peace and Nirvana.