Bac Giang, a great tourist ambition
admin 16-08-2020, 13:15
Bac Giang, a great tourist ambition
Enthusiastic tourists to pick oranges in Luc Ngan, Bac Giang province (North).

Besides its religious and natural sites such as the Vinh Nghiêm and Bô Dà pagodas, the Zen Truc Lâm Phuong Hoàng monastery, or the Mo stream, the province of Bac Giang (North) still has 700 historical and cultural sites, including 103 national ones. and 4 specials. She wants to develop her "smoke-free industry" through spiritual-cultural tourism and ecotourism. Before 2017 travelers to Bac Giang numbered only 200000 to 300000 per year.
In 2019 this figure was estimated at 2 million including 32000 foreigners, an increase of 33% compared to the previous year. Tourism activities generated 780 billion VND in revenue that year, significantly contributing to the socio-economic growth of the province.
Development of community tourism
According to the director of the Provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Trân Minh Hà, Bac Giang drew up his detailed plan for the development of local tourism last year. A series of measures have been deployed: presentation of new products, appeal to investors, multiplication of households participating in community tourism, and construction of restaurants and hotels around tourist sites in order to promote stays of travelers, in particular.
Community tourism remains an important segment that will allow this locality to attract more visitors in the months and years to come. The province does not forget to focus on tourism in the orchards of Luc Nam, Tân Yên, or Luc Ngan which derive their reputation from their hills of lychees as far as the eye can see.
In 2019 around 10 billion VND in turnover was collected through this type of tourism. Thus, the province has set a target of welcoming 20000 travelers including 2000 foreigners in 2020.
The villages of Ven and Nà O are favorite destinations in the list of community tourism sites. They hide in the heart of green forests, conceal original culinary specialties as well as centuries-old habits and customs of ethnic minorities which will captivate the most jaded of travelers. " Most foreigners prefer to venture into valleys and forests there, explore wilderness areas. So, we will focus on this area soon", concludes Mr. Hà.
Text and photo: Thu Hà - Danh Lam /CVN