Essential supports for candidates during high school graduation exam
admin 10-08-2020, 18:34

This year’s high school graduation exam takes place in a special context of Covid-19 outbreak; therefore, the parents’ concern has risen.

NDO – During the 2020 national high school graduation exam, the contestants have received essential support towards achieving the best results in the important exam.

The candidates’ parents gathering in front of schools’ gates when the test was about to end.

The parents and their children following a test

A teacher from Dinh Tien Hoang High School congratulating her students after the test of literature at the Nguyen Trai High School exam venue in Ba Dinh District.

On the occasion, Hanoi Youth Union, in collaboration with relevant agencies and organisations, continued to launch the ‘Tiep suc mua thi’ (exam season support) campaign to support students.

The volunteers were present at the test venues from early morning to prepare for their activities.

In addition to reminding and supporting contestants, the volunteers have motivated mentally the candidates during the stressful exam days.

In the face of the new development of the Covid-19 epidemic, the medical forces were arranged at the exam venues to promptly give emergency aid and handle the students facing health problems.

In addition, functional forces, such as police, civil defense and traffic inspectors are always on duty to ensure security inside and outside the exam areas.

Photo credit: THUY NGUYEN