Southern grilled pork rolls feed Hanoi culinary fervor
admin 10-08-2020, 17:27

Nem nuong usually includes grilled pork, tiny fried spring rolls, pho noodles, green mango slices, cucumber, pickles, fresh herbs, all wrapped in rice paper, prior to being dunked in a tangy dip.

Finely minced pork, generously seasoned, is usually grilled over charcoal. In Hanoi, dips generally include salt, sugar, garlic, kumquat juice and satay chilli, instead of shrimp sauce as is customary in Nha Trang, a top tourist attraction.

Southern grilled pork rolls feed Hanoi culinary fervor

A delicious serving of grilled pork includes a well-balanced amount of meat and fat. Photo by Duongvux.

Mai Anh, a customer at a nem nuong joint in Hanoi, said: “I have had the original dish in Nha Trang several times, which has a different vibe due to the local dipping sauce and complementary herbs.”

The majority of Hanoi’s nem nuong eateries are situated in student-dense localities like Xuan Thuy Street (Cau Giay District), the Ha Noi University of Science and Technology area (Hai Ba Trung District), and Chua Lang Street (Dong Da District).

You can try it at an eatery in Alley 130 Xuan Thuy Street or Tu Do Alley in Hai Ba Trung District’s Tran Dai Nghia Street.

The dish has become popular partly due to its affordability. One serving costs only VND30,000 – 35,000 ($1.3-1.5).

Nem nuong can provide you excellent bang for your buck.