Long Coc tea hill in dawn mist a real life fairyland
daitranvan 8-08-2020, 23:30
Long Coc tea hill in dawn mist a real life fairyland
Long Coc tea hill in the early morning Photo: Dan Tri

Long Coc tea hill is about 125 km from Hanoi, and 70 km from the city center of Viet Tri. It is considered as one of the most beautiful tea hills in Vietnam, with thousands of undulating hills, according to Dan Tri.

As the sun still “sinks into the sleep”, Long Coc tea hill is cloaked in dreamy fog. Photo: Dan Tri
The mesmerizing beauty of Long Coc tea hill Photo: Dan Tri

Standing on the top of the green hill and capturing the whole spellbinding landscapes will surely take the tourists' breath away. 

Photo: Dan Tri
In the early mornings, mist and clouds smoothly hover through the verdant tea hills creating real-life fairy scenery. Photo: VNExpress

Long Coc tea hill boasts its distinctive attractiveness in each season. Nevertheless, to perfectly contemplate its paradisiacal beauty, tourists should come here in the late autumn days.

Photo: Dan Tri

Long Coc is blessed with the spectacular and poetic "tea oases" affording it to be dubbed as "Ha Long Bay in the midland".

Long Coc tea has earned the praises for its freshness and subtle fragrance. Photo: Dan Tri
Each tea hill covers an area of one hectare, succeeding to the horizon. Photo: VNExpress
The local people are picking tea leaves. Photo: VNExpress

Tea cultivation has long been the main livelihood of indigenous people in Long Coc and generated high economic efficiency.

Xuan Son National Park Photo: Vietnam Travel Guide

Besides Long Coc tea hill, Xuan Son National Park is also a “must-explore” place in Tan Son, Phu Tho. It possesses a diverse fauna and flora system with hundreds of plants, a range of wild rare animals and natural splendid waterfalls, and caves.