Centenarian solemn Khmer pagodas in Western Vietnam
thamnguyen99 8-08-2020, 00:40
Xiem Can Pagoda (Bac Lieu)

Xiem Can Pagoda in Bac Lieu

Photo courtesy of Deven.hwang/ via Zing News

Xiem Can Pagoda is one of the most beautiful and largest Khmer pagodas in Western Vietnam. Located in Bac Lieu City, Xiem Can Pagoda is a unique architecture as well as the cultural center of the Khmer.  It was built in 1887 and has existed for more than 130 years.

Photo courtesy of Huyentuu/ via Zing News

The pagoda is designed according to the Angkor architecture style of Cambodia. Its uniqueness lies in domes, walls, and stairs. Xiem Can Pagoda is surrounded by solid fences and adorned by many impressive patterns. The pagoda’s gate is embossed with Khmer architecture, according to Zing News.

Photo courtesy of Kin_autt/ via Zing News

Doi Pagoda (Bat Pagoda), Soc Trang

Doi Pagoda (Bat Pagoda) in Soc Trang

Photo courtesy of Ngan Bella/ via Zing News

Doi Pagoda is also known as Wathseraytecho - Mahatup or Ma Toc. The pagoda is home to a big colony of bats, so it’s called Doi Pagoda. It covers an area of 4-hectare including main halls, tombs, tombs, etc, and enveloped by ancient trees.

Photo courtesy of Lehatruc/ via Zing News

Coming here, tourists will have the opportunity to admire rare and precious treasures of the Khmer such as Buddha statues, ancient oil lamps, or sutras written on palmyra leaves.

Vam Ray Pagoda (Tra Vinh)

Vam Ray Pagoda in Tra Vinh 

Photo courtesy of Pthienphuoc/ via Zing News

Vam Ray Pagoda, situated in Tra Cu District, Tra Vinh Province, has long well-known for its solemn and splendid beauty. In particular, inside the main hall of the pagoda is the largest Buddha statue in Vietnam with a length of 54 m. 

Photo: Tra Vinh Travel

The doors are elaborately carved from the large and thick wooden blocks which are imported from abroad. It took workmen many years to carve patterns on these woods for the exquisite works.

Photo: Vietfuntravel

Ta Pa Pagoda (An Giang)

Ta Pa Pagoda in An Giang

Photo courtesy of Langthang.angiang/ via Zing News

Ta Pa Pagoda - An Giang is located on a high hill, near numerous famous tourist destinations. The pagoda is decorated based on Nam Tong Buddhism. The huge and imposing architectures are exquisitely carved with Bird God Garuda, Snake God Naga depicting sophisticated artistic features, reported Zing News.

Photo: Western Travel

Chen Kieu Pagoda (Soc Trang)

Chen Kieu Pagoda (Soc Trang)

Photo courtesy of Lanphung/ via Zing News

Also boasting impressive Khmer architecture, Chen Kieu Pagoda has attracted tourists by its one-of-a-kind beauty.  Visitors once coming here will be strongly impressed by the multi-pattern walls covered with small and elaborate ceramic plates. 

Photo courtesy of Thienphan.2001/ via Zing News

There is also a wide range of statues with various sizes in the garden of Chen Kieu, each represents different teachings of Buddhism. The reclining Buddha represents the peacefulness of entering Nirvana and of gaining enlightenment.