Prudential leads the digitalization wave by launching an online product  with optimal benefits and flexible monthly payment
ChandraGarran04 3-10-2022, 13:49

Prudential Vietnam Insurance Co., Ltd. (Prudential) announced the launch of “PRU-EASY365” – a solution that helps customers access digital insurance effortlessly through online platforms as well as opt for a flexible payment method yet with only VND 55,000/month for comprehensive protection against accidents and three common illnesses.

Helping millions of Vietnamese access a flexible and simple solution

According to a survey (*) illustrates that consumers in emerging markets – including Vietnam – are paying more interest towards health insurance and are adapting to digital insurance. This insight has motivated Prudential to create solutions that are aligned with societal trends and customers’ needs, especially young customers who are looking for a comprehensive insurance product at an affordable rate.

With the goal of diversifying the product categories and strengthen its play on digitalization,  Prudential has officially launched PRU-EASY365 – a digital insurance product that provides customers with various options and optimal benefits:

  • Comprehensive protection against the risk of accidents and three common critical illnesses including cancer, stroke, heart attack; combined in one product
  • Monthly payment with a flexible, quick and easy purchasing process via digital platforms.
  • Affordable price from VND 55,000/month with total insurance benefits up to VND 411 million

Committing to delivering the best customer experience

With a strategic vision and digitalization goals, Prudential has been launching multiple digital products since 2020 on their ePrudential platform, Pulse by Prudential, e-commerce websites, and banking partners. Each receiving a positive response from partners and customers. Thus, Prudential is fueled to carry on the mission of creating a pleasant and seamless experience for Vietnamese people every time they access such financial-protecting productss.

Mr. Phuong Tien Minh – CEO of Prudential Vietnam, said: Prudential always focuses on customer’s real needs and provides particular groups of customers with innovative, simple, and user-friendly solutions. With PRU-EASY365, it is our hope that millions of customers will have more budget-friendly options since they are able to make flexible monthly payments and still access full-year beneficial protection.

Further PRU-EASY365 details are available here.

(*) According to Swiss Re’s “Consumer Behavior in the Post-COVID-19 2022” survey.

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