Why is Renewable Energy Important for the UK?
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Since industrialization, we know definitively that human influence has caused our planet to warm by 1.5 degrees. We have succeeded in causing climate change by combining the consumption of fossil fuels with widespread devastation, poaching, and acidification of the oceans.

Therefore, it is more elemental than ever to pick renewable energy sources as our future partner. Therefore, the UK government is trying to implement newer energy usage models to minimize the dependence on traditional methods to increase renewable sources’ usage. So, what is the importance of using renewable sources of energy?

Why Is the Importance of Renewable Energy for A Better Future?

If people choose to disregard the warnings, temperatures will continue to rise. Furthermore, research now clearly says that allowing that elevation to exceed 2 degrees would lead to widespread northern ice sheet melting, which we will not reverse.

Negative Impacts of Global Warming

If this unfolds, we may anticipate over 70% of the coasts to vanish under an extra 0.2m of seawater. Beaches will deteriorate, and coastlines will collapse as a result of this. The size of our continents will shrink.

Meanwhile, high heat and famine will grow more prevalent, and freshwater will become increasingly scarce. Soil erosion is expected to damage crops, resulting in greater starvation for vast swaths of the world’s population. Insect numbers will plummet, and the ensuing biodiversity loss will be disastrous.

Therefore, renewable energy sources are more necessary than ever. We are currently at 1.5 degrees. If we do not control the continuously rising temperatures, we are most likely to face an irreversible disaster that will impact the entirety of the population everywhere on the globe.

Higher Carbon Dioxide Levels

Increased carbon dioxide (CO2) in our environment is one of the primary causes of climate change. Furthermore, we know that 30 billion tons of CO2 are blasted into the atmosphere worldwide. This is responsible for 84% of all greenhouse gas emissions.
Some climate change skeptics would claim that carbon is an important element of the Earth’s ecological system since it is required to keep the planet warm. It is also an essential component of leaf photosynthetic development. That is correct. However, the quantity of CO2 in our environment should not surpass 12 billion tons to maintain a healthy equilibrium.

Removing one-third of the world’s forests and the natural ability to process carbon has hastened the issue. This is why renewable energy sources are necessary. Once we shift to renewable sources, we will reduce carbon dioxide emissions and restore the natural balance for our ecological system.

How Can You Participate in This Change?

If you want, you can switch to existing renewable energy sources right now. Any online utility bidder will let you choose a different provider who offers renewable options. So, you can go online, find a good utility bidder, generate a list of different providers and switch without any issues.

This will let you do your part, and you can help bring down the temperatures without compromising your energy usage. The UK is slowly becoming a hub of renewable sources, and you can enjoy cheaper rates and subsidies from the government.

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