First Cyber Security Academy to be built in Vietnam
hanguyen0409 21-01-2021, 20:42

A new Cyber Security Academy will be built in Hanoi with the intention to train highly-skilled human resources in cyber-security.

School of Information and Communication Technology under the Hanoi University of Science and Technology will co-operate with the Bkav Corporation in training, research and technology transfer.

Ta Hai Tung, head of the School of Information and Communication Technology, said that their researches include developing technology, the algorithm for identification, and image analysis using artificial intelligence. In the first year, they will focus on providing an open artificial intelligence platform for individuals and organisations to develop apps on this platform.

They will work together to develop artificial intelligence, develop skilled human resources in cyber-security and establish the first Cyber Security Academy in Vietnam. Students will be able to study with the experts and practice on Bkav's most up-to-date system. They can also have internships at domestic and overseas network security providers.

After the signing ceremony, the first training course will be opened with the participation of nearly 40 experts from 20 firms like Viettel, FPT and VCCorp. The courses are sponsored by South Korean firm DuDuIT via the KOICA IBS Implementation Plan. Dtinews