Vietnam aims to be in global top-50 in e-government
admin 11-06-2020, 17:29

Vietnam aims to be in global top-50 in e-government

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc chaired the governmental meeting via E-Cabinet. (Photo: VNA)

Accordingly, this national program on digital transformation process has a dual-goal of not only developing a digital government, economy, and society but also establishing Vietnamese digital technology businesses which are capable of competing with others in the global market.

In order to fulfill that goal, there are certain basic indices that need satisfying, namely developing a digital high-effective government with 80 percent of level-4 online public services offered for various accessible devices including mobile ones; handling online 90 percent of work-related documents at the ministerial and provincial levels as well as 80 percent at district level and 60 percent at ward level (except for those related to nationally confidential information).

Furthermore, 100 percent of the national databases served as the foundation for the establishment of an e-government, consisting of those about the population, land, business registration, finance, and insurance are to be completed, connected, and shared nationwide.

The national digital economy is planned to account for 20 percent of GDP in 2025, with its proportion in each industry occupying at least 10 percent.

Vietnam also aims to be in the list of global top-50 in ICT Development Index (IDI) and Global Competitiveness Index (GCI), in the list of global top-35 in Global Innovation Index (GII).

By Lam Nguyen – Translated by Thanh Tam