KPIBSC focuses on strategy, performance
VietReader 28-10-2020, 18:32
KPIBSC focuses on strategy, performance
Guilding EVNGENCO 2 staff to apply KPIBSC software

KPIBSC software is a product of the PROVIEW Group – one of the fastest growing technology startups that have been moving into the phase of scaling up, with the consultancy of experts from the LIF program. The group was also selected as one of the top 50 global AI startups in the 2020 Smart City Summit and Expo held in Chinese Taipei.

PROVIEW founders have participated in the Vietnam-Finland Innovation Partnership Program (IPP), Project 844 and learning programs in Silicon Valley. PROVIEW is one of Vietnam’s promising technology startups capable of competing on the global playing field.

According to economists, digital transformation will be a key part to help businesses thrive in the post-pandemic period. KPIBSC is digital transformation platform focusing on strategy and performance with the power of AI and big data, combining business processes from planning, executing and measuring to reporting with functions of strategy, performance, task, workflow process, human resource, customer and financial management.

The software helps businesses automate the setting up of KPI system to measure performance and work, collect automatic data to measure job performance and operations, calculate performance by smart algorithms and forecast real-time growth.

Phan Duc Quang, CEO of the PROVIEW Group, said that if businesses know how to make fast and effective digital transformation and chose the right management software platform with excellent strategy and performance, they will be offered opportunities to thrive in the post-pandemic period. The software focuses on resolving problems for potential customers, such as corporations, groups, banks, small- and medium-sized enterprises, startups and governmental organizations.

The software benefits businesses when used. It includes saving time; optimizing costs; increasing profits; turning the firm into a customer-centric model; implementing an appropriate strategy to make a difference; applying AI in governance; promoting the firm to adapt to the changes to survive; developing high-quality human resources to welcome the fourth industrial revolution; strengthening data-based execution management and intelligent algorithms to help make decisions at the right time and with the right audience; and increasing competitiveness by focusing on fast digital transformation and AI-focused strategy.

With the use of the software, many partners, such as the An Binh Commercial Joint Stock Bank(ABBank), Khai Toan Company, Vinh Tuong Company, Dai San Company and those under the EVN Group, have improved their work efficiency, increased labor productivity and promoted innovation.

In the coming time, the software aims to be the top three digital transformation platforms for businesses.

Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Hung said bouncing back from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic requires Vietnamese businesses, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises, to adopt innovation in work processes and flexible work options and to customize their products and services.

Yen Le