Government launches domestically made digital platforms
admin 21-09-2020, 06:38
Government launches domestically made digital platforms
Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam (second from left) at the launching ceremony of the new postal address code system, known as Vpostcode, held by the Ministry of Information and Communications on May 72020

Competitive with foreign products

On August 13 the ministry launched the akaChain blockchain platform as part of a program introducing “Make in Vietnam” digital platforms. The akaChain, developed by Vietnam’s largest tech firm FPT Software Corporation, supports enterprises in building their business network systems and distributes applications using blockchain technology. It helps shorten the time of tasks like electronic Know Your Customer (eKYC), credit scoring, customer loyalty programs, and origin tracing. The platform, which has become popular with leading enterprises from different industries and countries, is being developed further for strengthened security and transparency.

As part of its digitization push, the ministry launched a communications programming platform called Stringee on July 31 in Hanoi, the capital.

The communications platform technology allows businesses to communicate with customers on mobile phone apps or websites without the use of another app such as Zalo, Skype, or Messenger. Businesses also need not invest in software with communications features.

Stringee is among several Make in Vietnam digital platforms selected by the ministry to promote comprehensive and wide-ranging digital transformation in terms of socioeconomic development, contributing substantially to realizing the goals of the National Digital Transformation Program.

According to Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Thanh Hung, Stringee is the only platform in Vietnam to provide full infrastructure and features similar to solutions available in other countries. It provides about 2.2 million minutes of calls a day to some 45 million users nationwide.

On June 19 the Ministry of Information and Communications launched two pioneering Vietnamese-language digital platforms using artificial intelligence to convert speech to text and vice versa – speech-to-text generator VAIS and text-to-speech engine Vbee. VAIS is able to recognize various Vietnamese accents from all northern, central and southern regions with an accuracy rate of up to 95 percent and immediately produce results, Hung said, adding that it can even convert speech to text effectively in a noisy environment or from a long distance.

Many governmental organizations, including the offices of the Party Central Committee, the government and the National Assembly, the Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Hanoi People’s Committee are already using the engine.

Vbee converts written texts into spoken words with different intonations reflecting emotions, Hung explained, and it can predict the way a person reads a word, or abbreviations and specific words in the Vietnamese language that no other platform can offer.

Vietnamese businesses are creating more and more services and products of international standards, reducing the dependence on foreign platforms.

Technology control

On June 3 Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc approved a national digital transformation program to develop the country’s digital economy to 20 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP) by 2025 and making 5G mobile network service universal by 2030.

Vietnam will experiment with a range of new technologies and models, strive to completely renovate the way in which the government operates, update business operations, develop the working lifestyles of citizens, while creating a safe, secure, and humane digital environment.

Vietnam also strives to be among the top 50 countries of the ICT Development Index (IDI) and top 35 countries of the Global Innovation Index by 2025.

The Ministry of Information and Communications will facilitate development of digital technology firms across the country to reach a rate of one digital technology enterprise per 1000 residents and boost ICT application in all socioeconomic areas. The ministry will also support localities in preparing development plans for digital technology enterprises.

Minister of Information and Communications Nguyen Manh Hung said Make in Vietnam digital platform development is important for Vietnam’s sustainable development. Development of Vietnamese digital technology enterprises plays an important role in creating breakthroughs in the ICT industry while functioning as a driving force for Vietnam to create more products, services and technology solutions for domestic use and export.

Stringee CEO Dau Ngoc Huy said the platform is strong proof of Vietnamese startups’ contribution to digital transformation development. Vietnamese enterprises are fully capable of controlling advanced technology and competing with foreign rivals by providing international standard platforms with improved features and security, at more affordable prices.

“Make in Vietnam” means that the entire process from creation, through design and production takes place in Vietnam.

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