Apple’s AirPods Pro return to a record low price
VietReader 24-08-2020, 21:42

Now’s a prime opportunity to get some true wireless earbuds for that virtual return to school, or just for running as the weather cools down. Apple’s AirPods Pro are once more available on Amazon for $220, or $29 below the official price. That’s the lowest price we’ve seen, and a discount that hasn’t been available since June. You might want to act quickly — the previous sale only lasted a day or two.

Buy AirPods Pro on Amazon – $220

The AirPods Pro have become more valuable in the months since. Apple has promised major upgrades to the buds later in 2020, including spatial audio and automatic Apple device switching. You can get immersive sound when watching a movie on your iPad, or take a call from your iPhone even when you’ve been listening to music on your Mac.

Much of what we said in our review holds true, though. The AirPods Pro offer definite steps up in sound quality, fit, water resistance and Siri control over standard AirPods. If you’re going to wear AirPods during workouts, these are the buds to get.

However, they’re not flawless. They don’t have the best audio quality in the category (we would lean toward options like Sony’s WF-1000XM3), and you might not be a fan of their touch controls or buried settings. The Powerbeats Promight also be better if you want Apple-made buds made with fitness primarily in mind. Even so, the AirPods Pro offer a good overall mix of quality and comfort, and the pending upgrades might tip the balance if you’re already invested in the Apple ecosystem.

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