“Digital Transformation Day 2020” will take place next August
thamnguyen99 21-08-2020, 11:41
“Digital Transformation Day 2020” will take place next August

Hanoi (VNA) - The event will be organized around 6 sectors which are health, finance and banking, logistics, agriculture, industrial production and the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises.

This year, "Digital Transformation Day 2020" will be held on August 11 and 12 in Hanoi, the representative of the Vietnamese Software and Computer Services Association (VINASA) said.

It will be a good opportunity for authorities and entrepreneurs to discuss and share their experiences in the matter and to present their measures to better connect supply and demand in order to accelerate the digital transformation in organizations. and businesses, as well as in the national economy.

The organizing committee will create an online event platform based on the seminars and exhibitions organized on site. This would accommodate more than 10000 delegates who will not be able to participate directly in the event, according to the organizing committee.

Organized in the context where the Prime Minister recently approved the “National Digital Transformation Program until 2025 with perspectives until 2030”, “Digital Transformation Day 2020” will give new impetus to digital transformation in Vietnam, the organizing committee said.

The objective of the “National Digital Transformation Program until 2025 with prospects until 2030” is to dematerialize 80% of public services to be among the 70 countries responding to the e-government development indices (EGDI ).

Other ambitions: the digital economy should represent 20% of GDP in 2025 productivity will increase by at least 7% each year. The country would then be in the top 50 in the world in terms of information technology (IDI), in the top 50 in terms of competitiveness index (GCI), in the top 35 in innovation (GII). - NDEL /VNA