Science and technology to advance agriculture in Ninh Thuan
admin 12-08-2020, 16:01
Science and technology to advance agriculture in Ninh Thuan
Research activities have helped to create high-quality products in Ninh Thuan. (Photo: VNA)

Ninh Thuan (VNA) – The south-central province of Ninh Thuan has stepped up the application of science and technology in agricultural production in order to boost socio-economic development in tandem with sustainable environmental protection.

According to the provincial Department of Science and Technology, Ninh Thuan will implement 14 tasks and research studies on agricultural production this year at the national and provincial level.

Priorities are given to scientific and technological applications to create new animal and plant varieties adaptive to climate change, improve farming methods, transfer post-harvest technologies, and process typical agro-forestry-fishery products.

Ninh Thuan is calling for resources to support scientific research, while enhancing cooperation with research institutes to push ahead with technology transfer.

Its two research last year on new products from Sargassum and mutton were valued highly by agencies outside of the province that sought to put them to use.

The locality applied science and technology in growing crops such as grapes, apples, aloe, asparagus, and herbs on a total area of 167 ha in rural and mountainous areas and aquaculture on 50 ha.

More than 600 local households received assistance in grape growing, using high-tech equipment, the hydroponic cultivation of vegetables, fruit and vegetable preservation, shrimp farming, and irrigation.

Ninh Thuan also held more than 300 training classes on farming methods and plant protection for over 9,000 local households.   

The Nha Ho Research Institute for Cotton and Agricultural Development selected 22 varieties of asparagus, nine of guava and mango, eight of custard apple and jackfruit, and seven of longan for production.

As a coastal locality, Ninh Thuan has also intensified research and production of new fish fries and rolled out industrial fish cage farming using Norwegian technology.

According to Le Van Binh, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee, these research activities have helped change the mindset of local residents in regard to production, thus creating high-quality products./.