VnExpress marathon medal draws inspiration from sunny Quy Nhon
admin 9-06-2020, 22:44

Participants that complete any category of the marathon will receive the same medal. The only difference is in the color of the ribbons for each. The medal plate is a blue, stylized 2020 number with the sun and waves on it, representing coastal town Quy Nhon of the south-central Binh Dinh Province.

Those who complete the 5 kilometer category will receive a green ribbon medal, the 10 kilometer category a blue, 21 kilometer a yellow and 42 kilometer a cobalt blue, with the distance printed on each.

Crew members who support the marathon will also receive a green ribbon medal as gift for their contribution to the event.

VnExpress Marathon (VM) Quy Nhon will take place on July 26. It is one of the earliest marathons to take place amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Following the success of last year’s tournament, the event this year will see some new additions to afford runners a fresh experience, including a new track surface and memorable oceanic route.

This is also a chance for runners and their families to savor Quy Nhon, one of the best beach destinations in Vietnam.

Besides Quy Nhon, VM Hanoi Midnight will take place on August 22 and VM Hue on September 7. Tickets for all three marathons are still available.

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