Vietnamese-owned club win Bosnia-Herzegovina league, in Champions League qualifiers
admin 9-06-2020, 22:41

The title went to Sarajevo on Tuesday after organizers decided to end the season early due to the continuing Covid-19 pandemic.

"The Bosnia-Herzegovina Football Federation and the domestic league organizer came to an agreement after getting clubs’ opinions that the season will end early without completing the remaining 11 fixtures because of Covid-19," Nam said.

"Besides, there’s no fun playing the matches without spectators."

After 22 rounds Saravejo had 45 points with 13 wins, six draws and three losses. Zeiliernicar (42) and Zrinjski (38) followed them.

This is the seventh Bosnian Premier League title for Sarajevo, the country’s most decorated club.

Last year the Sarajevo U19 team visited Vietnam and played in an U21 international tournament in Da Nang. The club also signed an agreement with the Promotion Fund for Vietnamese Football Talent to exchange players and host training trips in Bosnia.

The aim is to get players play in each other’s league in the near future.

Bosnia-Herzegovina has reported over 2,500 Covid-19 cases and 157 deaths so far.