List of The Best Vietnamese Archers of the last decade
tranthuy02 29-03-2021, 18:31

Vietnamese archers hold fairly high positions in the world ranking of the best archers.

Compound bow shooting

Nguyen Van Day is ranked 67th among the best archers on the planet (compound bow). In the Asian Archery Championships 2019, he earned a silver medal. Nguyen Tien Cuong holds 131st place and in 2015 he was ranked 31st in the world ranking. Nguyen is a gold, silver, and bronze medalist in many international competitions. Chau Kieu Oanh is ranked 74th in the list of the best compound archers. Her best ranking was 28th. Chau is a young and promising athlete, so she will definitely be able to take a higher line in the world ranking of archers. Le Phuong Thao is ranked 124th in the world ranking, her best career ranking was 51st.

Recurve bow shooting

Nguyen Hoang Phi Vu – 21yo archer and he is ranked 99th among the best recurve bow archers. He is Vietnam’s Olympic hope. Chu Duc Anh is ranked 114th and at the moment his best career ranking was 97th. Loc Thi Dao – twice gold medalist at prestigious international competitions. She is 65th among the strongest recurve bow female archers. Her best ranking was 33rd. Lady Nguyen Thi Phuong holds the 89th line of the international ranking. Nguyet Do Thi Anh 20-year-old archer, which is 95th among the best female archers (recurve bow).

Each archer uses professional archery equipment: compound or recurve bow, arrows, bow backpack or bow case, quiver, archery clothes and other accessories.

Team Archery

According to Outdoor World Ranking by World Archery Federation Vietnamese men’s, women’s, and mixed teams take next places:

Compound bow shooting

  • men’s team takes 39th place;
  • women’s team – 26th;
  • mixed team also takes 26th place;

Recurve bow shooting

  • men’s team ranked 36th;
  • women’s team takes 29th place;
  • mixed team – 29th.

In Vietnam, the popularity of archery is growing, which means that soon our country will have more chances to be at the top of the world archery ranking.

All data is relevant at the time of publication of the article.

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