Current Status of Online Gaming State In South-East Asia
thamnguyen99 6-09-2020, 23:19

Current Status of Online Gaming State In South-East Asia

Technological advancements have also made Betway casino games more interactive and immersive hence attracting more gamers. The main gaming markets in South-East Asia are Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore.

The Status of Gaming in South-East Asia

Newzoo, a market research firm that focuses on games and eSports, reported that most of the region’s countries are mobile-first in terms of preferred games. In their reports, they also revealed that out of the 4.4 billion USD generated from gaming in 201931 billion was from mobile. Gamers fancy accessing their favorite games from mobile gaming applications like Betway.

Gamescon Asia and Newzoo did a market survey that revealed that up to 82% of the urban online population in South-East Asia are gamers. Even though most prefer using mobile devices, a significant number also play from their PCs and console.

Smartphone Penetration and Mobile Gaming

In that market, mobile gaming is not just the biggest but also the fastest growing. The accessibility to the internet is at an all-time high. Furthermore, smartphone penetration is also high because of the availability of affordable devices. Mobile gadgets are also more sophisticated that online gamers on can access their preferred games flawlessly. Smartphone penetration has attracted many online game publishers to the region due to the huge potential.

The Rise of ESports

This is an online gaming phenomenon that is taking the entire world by storm. The advent of international competitions like the Intel Extreme Masters and The International has also helped grow the online gaming industry in the region.

The SEA region also has regional tournaments like the ASEAN Games for eSports or AGES organized by Malaysia in conjunction with eSports Malaysia in 2016. The prize pool for the competition was a whooping 256000 USD.

Growing Regional Economies

A Newzoo report from 2015 showed that the regional incomes were on the rise. The so-called “big six” nations –Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, and Singapore are the major players in the region’s eSports market.

The six countries’ economies are on the rise hence a growing middle-class population. The growth has made available more disposable income which is spent on leisure activities like video games.

The English Factor

The SEA gaming market was easier to penetrate for online gaming companies like Betway due to their familiarity with English. Countries like Singapore and the Philippines have already recognized English as an official language. Their ability to communicate in English opens up the SEA online gamers to participate in international tournaments.

Online Gaming Is an Income-Generating Activity

Online gaming is no longer a leisure activity only; it has also created jobs in the SEA region. Apart from Pro gamers participating in tournaments and winning lucrative prize money, the locals are benefitting too. Local gaming studios are on the rise in the region.

A great example is Streamline Studios in Malaysia, which has joined forces with reputable companies like Capcom. Other big companies like Ubisoft have also set up shop in the Philippines.

Bottom Line

The online gaming industry is on the rise. In the SEA region, the bulging youth population will continue to fuel the growth of the markets. If the governments chip in with resources to support emerging talent and local game designers, the region could become an online gaming hub.