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Covid-19 rush: Workers to finish Da Nang field hospital in four days

All equipment and offices of the Tien Son Sport Center in Da Nang’s Hai Chau District were removed and cleaned up by Saturday for a field hospital to be set up on request of the Da Nang Party Committee.

Around 50 workers set up scaffoldings to build electrical systems for the hospital. The field hospital is expected to be completed in four days, with all materials and human resources funded by a company.

An engineer for the field hospital project sketches a blueprint for a room. The rooms will be formed with steel frames.

A worker cleans up the audience area, which will be used as a resting place for medical personnel and patients’ family members.

The sport center’s staff pack up to save their rooms to medical staff.

Security guards conduct body temperature checks on everyone entering or getting out the construction site.

A worker unloads a sheet that will presumably form the walls of hospital rooms. After the basic structure of hospital rooms is completed, medical equipment will be added.

A worker carries a stack of sheets on her shoulders.

Workers cut steel frames to their proper lengths for hospital rooms of different sizes.

Over 700 beds would be installed first, of which 240 would be located on the floor of the main area and the remaining 460 will be placed along corridors on the second and third floor. An additional 1,300 beds could be added in the future.
The sports center can host around 6,000 people in the audience at the same time, the center’s management said.

The field hospital will relieve the burden of locked down hospitals in the city: the Da Nang Hospital, the Da Nang Hospital C and the Da Nang Physical Rehabilitation Hospital, the city’s Party Committee said.