Hanoi to intensify tourism promotion on internet, foreign TV channels
thamnguyen99 2-08-2020, 14:36

Education for Nature Vietnam makes film about wildlife protection

The film brings the audience face-to-face with superstitions that are still common in Vietnam, some harmless, and others destroying Earth’s wildlife. Superstition talks about the continued use of tiger bone glue in Vietnam for improving one’s health though people are not clear about the true use of the expensive product. The Education for Nature Vietnam (ENV) was established in 2002 as Vietnam’s first non-governmental organization focused on the conservation of nature and the environment ENV works to protect the environment by tackling the biggest threat to biodiversity which is the illegal wildlife trade; therefore, the organization tries to end the illegal wildlife trade in Vietnam which is devastating ecosystems around the world. This film aims to appeal to a wider audience by using humor to capture people’s attention, especially young people, says ENV’s Vice Director Nguyen Thi Phuong Dung, the continued use of tiger bone glue in Vietnam is a serious concern. The film is scheduled to be broadcast on 60 television local and national TV stations and RailTV to send ENV’s message of wildlife protection to millions of viewers countrywide.

By Kim Loan – Translated by Anh Quan