Life falls quiet for citizens in blockaded Da Nang
tranthuy02 30-07-2020, 16:35

Life falls quiet for citizens in blockaded Da Nang

Three hospitals in the central city are currently novel coronavirus hotspots, including Da Nang General Hospital, C Hospital and Rehabilitation, and Orthopaedics Hospital. Pictured is an elderly man reading a newspaper quietly in an area that has been blockaded

Wearing face masks is mandatory for residents in affected areas in order to reduce the risk of further spreading the virus

Food and daily necessities are regularly delivered to residents in the blockaded area.

On-duty medical workers instruct people to thoroughly wash their hands with sanitiser before they deliver daily necessities to those under cordon sanitaire. Soldiers and medical staff work around the clock to ensure the safety of residents in the blockaded area

A garbage truck collects waste in part of Da Nang under lockdown